A radome functions as a protective cover for a radar or other antenna system. Radomes are optimized for minimal RF degradation while offering structural, environmental, and visual protection from weather and other harmful events that an antenna may encounter.  Utilizing a radome allows for less maintenance and more uptime for the antenna system. 

ITI radome panels are constructed using a sandwich laminate.  The laminate is tuned according to the structural and operational requirements of the site and the specific antenna operational frequencies. The dome is segmented into panels that are easier to transport and handle by installation personnel.  During installation, the panels are bolted together from the interior using stainless steel hardware to complete the radome.   The segmented sphere becomes watertight through a panel flange gasket and a sealant applied to the panel joints during installation. 

Our radomes have been supplied to government and commercial users for a large variety of antenna systems.  Some of the applications are SATCOM, Weather radar, 3D Surveillance, Telemetry & Control, and Satellite tracking. For more information on our radome products or a price quote, contact us. We are happy to provide a timely response to your questions.