Structural Analysis

Structural engineering involves advanced engineering concepts and high standards of application; our team delivers on challenging requirements. ITI-RCS uses a three-pronged approach to structural analysis. First, sophisticated Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is used to predict structural behavior. Second, analytical solutions are obtained to verify the results of the FEA, when possible. Third, mechanical testing is performed to validate the FEA and analytical solution accuracy. By comparing test results to analytical solutions, not only are our skilled engineers able to verify the accuracy of their designs, but better understand the loading characteristics of the system and continuously improve future analyses. Safety factors are built into every design. We work in cooperation with our customers to ascertain acceptable riskĀ  levels and design our products accordingly.

ITI-RCS can perform structural analysis for the following:

  • Composite (fiberglass/carbon fiber) structures
  • Steel, aluminum, and plastic parts
  • System/Connection assemblies
  • Steel structures
  • Concrete structures

ITI-RCS can also provide analysis for parts, systems, and buildings including:

  • Stress analysis
  • Buckling analysis
  • Geometry optimization
  • Vibration analysis
  • Seismic analysis
  • Foundation analysis