ITI-RCS supplies radomes on a global basis to civil aviation authorities, airports, and prime radar manufacturers.  Our success is due to offering standard solutions that surpass the customer’s expectations in terms of electromagnetic performance and structural integrity with consideration of environmental conditions.  All of our radomes have a standard wind speed design of 155mph, however, we can offer radomes that are capable of survival in much higher wind speeds if necessary. It is essential that our radomes offer complete confidence to the end user, especially in this industry where passenger safety is paramount.

We offer radome solutions capable of operating in common Air Traffic Management bands.  The transmission loss prediction below is a sample of one solution developed for a specific ATM application with operating frequencies from 1-4 GHz. The transmission loss prediction takes into account radome diameter, dish diameter, as well as the ATM radome panel construction both for the body and bolting seam.

ATM Radome Transmission Loss Plot

Typical Sizes

from 30ft (9m) to 77ft (23.5m).